Be It Your Health Or Your Daily Needs


Have you ever been in a situation whereby it's the end of the month and you're so short of cash, you have to withdraw money from your savings? We know we have.

That's exactly why you need TRM short for Trumer®


What is TRM?

TRM is a transaction unit used exclusively on the TrumerX marketplace, whereas RM is the trade value associated with Malaysia's local currency. Due to the fact that TRM was introduced exclusively for Trumer members, it will not be affected by fluctuation, currency volatility, or speculation.


The mechanics are simple

For every transaction carried out with Trumer in RM, you will earn a percentage of TRM. You can then use your TRM to redeem or purchase your daily needs and essentials.


Why TRM is the right choice for you?


For rainy days

TRM acts as a Safety Net when faced with financial difficulties

Safe and secure

Free from economy inflation and fluctuation. What's yours is yours


In-store and online

Everything you need is in one App

It's your program

No restrictions. You decide what to spend your TRM on


Start saving with TRM

Getting your TRM is as simple as it is rewarding! Here's how:

Use TRM for your purchases via the TrumerX App and receive up to 5% TRM for any payments in RM!

For the first 3 months upon registration, receive 5% TRM when you upload a picture of your daily purchase receipts.

Shop for items listed in RM on TrumerX and you'll get 15% TRM!

Exchange RM to TRM and get up to 15% bonus!

Do some good while you're at it

Ever felt like providing a Safe Net for others, but can't figure out where to begin?
Here's your chance to make a difference.


An Alternative Holistic & Rehabilitation Centre that aims to provide healthcare for all.


Dedicated for patients/members suffering from cancer and other chronic diseases.


Here's how you'll contribute

Whenever you use TRM, at least 10% of profit goes towards funding Trumer Centre*.


Grow your business the right way right with Trumer

  • 10% of profit from the Trumer Group will be used to fund Trumer Foundation and Trumer Centre*.
  • You no longer have to go the extra mile; we'll do it for you.